Saturday, May 7, 2016

못다핀 꽃 한송이-Forgotten Flower

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언제 가셨는데 안 오시나 ....한잎 두~고 가신 님아 
You, who left a leaf behind, left a long time ago, when will you come back?

가지위에 눈물 적셔놓고.....이는 바람소리 남겨놓고 
With tears on the branch and left a wind sound

앙상한 가지~위에....그 잎새는 한~잎 
One leaf on the thin branch

달빛마저~ 구름에 가려.....외로움만 더해가네 
Even the moonlight is covered by the clouds and adds on the loneliness

밤새 새 소리에 지쳐버린....한잎 마~저 떨어지려나 
Will the one leaf, exhausted by the bird chirping all night, fall?

먼 곳에 계셨어도 피우리라 ....
It will still bloom even if you’re far away

못다핀 꽃 한송이 피우리라
The unblown flower will bloom



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