Saturday, August 6, 2011

STRESS                        STRESS                 STRESS           STRESS              STRESS                   STRESS

sebelum tu tak trlambat kot klau nak ucap selamat berpuasa untuk semua yang berpuasa-sapa yang x posa xmau ucap selamat haha

yeah skrang ngah praktikal, baru nak kenal dunia kerja
kejar due date
kena marah
overtime (yeah sampai kul 10 pun prnah- trmasuk la keja weekend)

tapi semalam ngah skodeng2 facebook 
tiba2 di'tag' oleh sepupu, video my oppa-SUJU
(maaf la klau ada anti fan dkat sini haha)

tp bukan nak cakap pasal my oppa, nak cakap pasal lirik lagu baru diaorang
not about love, cinta buta, cinta monyet, cinta gila, cinta muka buku (ehhhh)
but then it is about life
betul2 bagi semangat balik
sbb lately btol2 down....down...downnnnn

nie translate lirik lagu


Because i naughty naughty Hey i'm Mr Simple
Because i naughty naughty

I can't just get angry when the world doesn't go my way
There's no need for that
Stop worrying for nothing, let's not cling to little issues too much
It's not good for the health

Grades can get good or get bad, so what?
Results can go up or fall down, it's something that happens
Anyway it's okay, its good to take some rest
Because everything has a ti ti ti time

If you're a man meet your friends
Shake it off over a glass of a*c*h*l (Alright!)Alright
If you're a woman meet your friends
Chat and blow it off (Alright)Alright

Look MR.Simple Simple, you are cool the way you are..2x
Look MS.Simple Simple, you are pretty the way you are..2x

Let's go let's go, hurry let's go, when we get blocked let's go back
If you are so anxious to death, let's hang out for today
Anyway if I run endlessly in this rough world i get tired
Wait, save it off, because your day will come soon

Blow you're mind
Go MR Simple
Blow you're mind
The time has come, don't be afraid

Blow you're mind
Go MR Simple
Blow you're mind
The time has come, we're ready

We live in a world that doesn't have just one or two troubling issues
Even kids know that
What's so hard? We can eat well, sleep well and then do well
We can do that

If you're angry meet your friends
Gossip and relax (Alright)Alright
If you're suffering sing a song
Raise your voice and blow it off (Alright)Alright

What's so complicated about freedom?
Just get it, get it
The fun of trivial distractions dung dung dung kung kung kung
Do you want to feel that you're alive?
Just grab it, grab it
The story of my exciting dreams dung dung dung kung kung kung

Don't worry now, good days will come to you
Leave behind all the serious talk
Smile brightly today
Your bright smile makes everyone happy